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Ep. 99 – Mormonism

In this episode Pat and Mike discuss Mormonism. How did it start? What do Mormons believe about God? Redemption? Revelation? This and much more on this week’s episode. Resources mentioned in this episode:– The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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Ep. 98 – Happy Holy Day

This time of year has us thinking about holidays. What holidays should Christians be celebrating? How do we think about holidays?  Resources mentioned in this episode:– Ash Wednesday: Picking and Choosing our Piety by Carl Trueman

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Ep. 97 – Trans

In this episode, Pat and Mike discuss the transgender craze. What does the Bible have to say? How did we get here? What can be done? Resources mentioned in this episode:– Strange New World by Carl Trueman– Carl Trueman Lectures at the Sacramento Gospel Conference– The New Reformation...

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Ep. 96 – Pactum Responsum IX

In this Pactum Responsum episode, Pat and Mike talk about topics ranging from Sola Fide to Christian Nationalism. 

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Ep. 95 – Israel Matters

Did you know Israel is a real place? Did you know that giraffe milk is kosher? Join Pat and Mike as they discuss seven things that Christians should know about Israel.

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Ep. 94 – Pactum Responsum VIII

Pat and Mike work their way through more listener questions on this responsum episode. They cover topics like Nazerene doctrine, dispensationalism, evil and the sovereignty of God, and much more. Resources mentioned in this episode:– The New Hampshire Confession: Warm Evangelical Calvinism– Is the Son of...

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