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Ep. 161 – Politics

In this episode Pat and Mike talk about how to maneuver, survive, and thrive in the chaos while living in the world around us. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

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Ep. 160 – Pactum Responsum

In this lone ranger episode, Pat answers listener questions about the law/gospel distinction, prophetic idiom, the sufficiency of Scripture, and more. Resources mentioned in this episode:– A Treatise on the Law and the Gospel by John Colquhoun– Covenant Theology Roundtable from London Lyceum– Reforming Credobaptism: A Westminster Alternative for...

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Ep. 159 – Pactum Responsum

In this Pactum Responsum episode Pat and Mike answer listener questions about rewards in Heaven, hermeneutics, Luke 16, and more. Resources mentioned in this episode:– More Than Heaven by T. Jeff Taylor– Review: ‘What Is Saving Faith’ by John Piper by Harrison Perkins– A Historical-Theological Response to...

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Ep. 158 – Evangelizing Christians

In this week’s episode, Pat and Mike discuss a list of ten reasons why we should evangelize christians.

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Ep. 157 – Proclaiming the Gospel

In this week’s episode, Pat and Mike discuss some questions about the topic of evangelism.  Resources mentioned in this episode:– Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer– Apologetics: A Student’s Guide to Apologetics by Stephen Nichols– Spurgeon vs. Hyper-Calvinism by Iain H. Murray– Tactics by Gregory Koukl– Fool’s Talk: Recovering the...

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Ep. 156 – Gospel Enemies

Join Pat and Mike as they talk about gospel enemies. If the gospel is so great, what could possibly make someone be an enemy of the gospel? Does the Bible talk about enemies of the gospel? Resources mentioned in this episode:– Know the Heretics by Justin...

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