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Ep. 73 – Preaching

Join Pat and Mike as they offer tips about preaching and how to be better at communicating in the pulpit. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture by Graeme Goldsworthy– Him We Proclaim by Dennis Johnson

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Ep. 72 – Antinomianism

Join Pat and Mike for a discussion on Anitnomianism. They talk about things like what is antinomianism, why is it bad, and what are some ways to deal with it? Resources mentioned in this episdoe:– The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton– The Whole Christ by...

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Ep. 71 – Pactum Responsum VII

In this Lone Ranger Responsum episode, Pat answers questions on Israel, Doctrine of God, Politics, Imputation, and more. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Understanding the Land of the Bible by O. Palmer Robertson– Simply Trinity by Matthew Barrett– The Trinity: An Introduction by Scott Swain– Eternal Subordinationism Video by David Strain– On the...

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Ep. 70 – Human Sexuality

Pat sits down in this episode with Chris Gordon to discuss his new book, The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality. Chris Gordon is senior minister of Escondido United Reformed Church in Escondido, California, and host of Abounding Grace Radio. Chris can be found online at and on Twitter @agradio1...

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Ep. 69 – Will it Cult

In this episode, Pat and Mike discuss a top ten list of common cultic signs and characteristics.

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Ep. 68 – FADianity

This week Pat and Mike talk about the fads that we see come and go in evangelicalism. They offer an alternative and solution to those looking to the next shiny new fad that comes along. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Ordinary by Michael Horton

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