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Ep. 62 – True or False (Part 1)

In this episode, Pat and Mike discuss ten questions from the White Horse Inn Doctrine Quiz. Take the quiz and see how you do! Mentioned in this episode:– WHI Doctrine Quiz– Lutheran Satire Video

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Ep. 61 – Gnosticism and Friends

Join Pat for another installment of our series, Help from Heretics. In this episode Pat talks about gnostics, marcions, a docetists, oh my!

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Ep. 60 – Judaizers

Pat and Mike discuss judaizers in this installment of Help from Heretics. Resources mentioned in this episode:– All About Heresy by Michael S. Horton

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Ep. 59 – Heresy 101

In this brief introduction to a new series, Help from Heretics, Mike and Pat discuss heresy, orthodoxy, and why these things matter. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Know the Heretics by Justin Holcomb– The History of Christian Doctrines by Louis Berkhof– The Heresy of Orthodoxy by Andreas Kostenberger and Michael...

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Ep. 58 – Evangeli-Kitsch 3.0

Pat and Mike round out the Evangeli-Kitsch series with seven more phrases or sayings that need to be retired.

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Ep. 57 – Evangeli-Kitsch 2.0

Pat and Mike continue their discussion about phrases and sayings in evangelicalism that need to be given a golden watch and retired.

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