About Us

About Us

The Pactum is shorthand for the Latin Pactum Salutis. The Pactum Salutis is the trinitarian covenant made before the foundation of the world spoken of in texts such as Ephesians 1 and John 17. It is also known as the covenant of redemption. According to the pactum salutis, the triune God who works all things after the counsel of His will commits to save elect sinners. Since the pactum salutis is the basis for all of God’s work in human history, we find The Pactum a fitting banner for our conversations of all things theological.

Pat Abendroth

Pat Abendroth is the Senior Pastor of Omaha Bible Church where he has served since 1998. Pat has degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The Master’s Seminary, and the Ligonier Academy. You can find Pat’s book Covenant Theology here.

Mike Grimes

Mike Grimes is an Assistant Pastor at Omaha Bible Church. Mike’s main area of responsibility at the church is the music ministry. Mike has a degree in Church Music from Belmont University.