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Ep. 181 – Greatest Hits: Getting the Gospel Right

It’s summertime at The Pactum! While we take a little break we want you to enjoy some of our favorite episodes. Today’s episode is Getting the Gospel Right. In this special live episode, Pat and Mike are joined by Mike Abendroth from No Compromise...

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Ep. 180 – Pactum Responsum

In this Lone Ranger episode Pat answers listener questions about the unpardonable sin, law and gospel, Bible study resources, and more. If you have questions you would like us to answer on future episodes you can email us at

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Ep. 179 – Reformed Covenant Theology

In this episode, Pat and Mike are joined by Harrison Perkins to discuss his new book, Reformed Covenant Theology. Harrison Perkins is the pastor of Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan, contributor to Ligonier, Modern Reformation, and the Heidelblog. He is also the author of A...

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Ep. 178 – Loving Pastors

In this episode, Pat and Mike are joined by Jody Anderson to discuss suggestions that will help you love your pastor. Jody Anderson is the pastor at Christ Church of Guntersville, AL. You can find Jody on X here.

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Ep. 177 – Jesus and Healing

What does the Bible have to say about healing? Does God still heal people today? Join Pat and Mike as they discuss these questions and more on this episode of The Pactum.

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Ep. 176 – Jesus and Cancer

In this episode, Pat talks with Mike Abendroth about his newest book, Cancer is Not Your Shepherd: A 31-Day Guide to Suffering.  You can find more from Mike Abendroth at

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