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Ep. 51 – Do This And Live

In this episod Pat is joined today R. Scott Clark to discuss the four important words, do this and live.  Find more from R. Scott Clark at

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Episode 50: Sanctification Crisis and Cures

In this episode Pat and Mike talk about sanctification crisis and cures and reference Walter Marshall’s The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification.

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Episode 49: 18 Words

In this episode Pat and Mike briefly discuss 18 important words to know.

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Episode 48: Interpreting the Bible Better

Pat and Mike are joined in this episode by fellow pastor Chris Peterson to talk about interpreting the Bible. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition: Recovering the Genius of Premodern Exegesis by Craig Carter– Figural Reading and the Old Testament: Theology and...

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Episode 47: Jesus, Divorce, and Remarriage

Pat and Mike discuss the topice of divorce and remarriage. Resources mentioned in this episode:– Divorce and Remarriage in the Church by David Instone-Brewer– Divorce and Remarriage paper from the PCA

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Episode 46: Pactum Responsum V

Pat and Mike discuss listener questions in this responsum episode.

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