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Ep. 176 – Jesus and Cancer

In this episode, Pat talks with Mike Abendroth about his newest book, Cancer is Not Your Shepherd: A 31-Day Guide to Suffering.  You can find more from Mike Abendroth at

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Ep. 175 – Evangelizing Christians

Is the gospel only for unblievers? Why would you evangelize a christian? Pat and Mike finish the Romans Refresh series with a discussion about evangelizing christians.

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Ep. 174 – Assurance

Pat and Mike continue the Romans Refresh series with a discussion on Romans 8 and assurance. Resources mentioned in this episode:– The Assurance of Faith by Louis Berkhof

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Ep. 173 – Final Justification

Pat and Mike continue the Romans Refresh series by rounding out their discussion on the doctrine of Justificaion.

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Ep. 172 – Justification

In this episode, Pat and Mike continue in the series from the book of Romans called Romans Refresh. Listen in as they talk about twelve distinctives of the biblical doctrine of justification.

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Ep. 171 – Stupid Hurts

In this Lone Ranger episode, Pat begins a short series from the book of Romans called, Romans Refresh. This episode looks at the topic of righteousness.

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