Ep. 71 – Pactum Responsum

In this Lone Ranger Responsum episode, Pat answers questions on Israel, Doctrine of God, Politics, Imputation, and more.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
– Understanding the Land of the Bible by O. Palmer Robertson
– Simply Trinity by Matthew Barrett
– The Trinity: An Introduction by Scott Swain
– Eternal Subordinationism Video by David Strain
– On the Eternal Functional Subordination Debate Video by Jordan Cooper
– Trinity Crisis and Cures by Pat Abendroth
– Trinitarian Discipleship by Pat Abendroth
– The Christian Faith by Michael Horton
– My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 1) by Mike Abendroth
– My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 2): Test Case—The Rich Young Ruler by Mike Abendroth
– Politics after Christendom by David VanDrunen